Desiree King - Professional Body Piercer and Microblade Artist

Desiree has been licensed and piercing since 2015, and received her training and license to perform eyebrow microblading in 2018.

Desiree has always had a passion for body piercings since she was a little girl. Dreaming up all the body piercings she would have for herself. From the first day she became a body piercer she knew this was the career she wanted to follow. She strives to work and learn as much as she can to be the best body piercer she can be and offer the best piercings and jewelry that she can for her clients.

As well, struggling with almost non-existent eyebrows her whole life, when she first heard about eyebrow microblading and the power of permanent eyebrow makeup, she knew she wanted to learn more and one day get the licensing and training needed to help others achieve their perfect eyebrows. She gets satisfaction and fulfillment from the smiles she receives from her clients when they look in the mirror, either at their new piercing or their new eyebrows.

Rawhide's piercing age guidelines:

Earlobes - Old enough to ask for the piercing themselves, with consent from parent(s)/legal guardians
Cartilage - 14 or older
Specialty Ear Piercings (Industrial/Tragus/Rook & Daith/Conch/Forward Helix) - 16 or older
Nose (Nostril & Septum) - 16 or older
Lip/Eyebrow/Face - 16 or older
Tongue/Oral Piercings - 16 or older
Navel - 16 or older
Microdermals - 18 or older
Nipples - 18 or older
Female Genitals - 18 or older 

Piercings I do NOT do: Cheeks, Male Genitals, "Snake Eyes" (horizontal tip of the tongue piercing).

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