Gift Certificate


Gift Certificate

from 10.00

Give the gift of a new tattoo, piercing, or some awesome Rawhide merch! 

Once you purchase a gift card, it will be written and mailed within 2 business days. Please allow 1-3 days for it to be delivered by USPS. 
If you would like to have the gift card mailed to someone other than yourself, remember to put their information in the "Mailing Address" section at checkout!

Wondering how much to get? Check out these potential values:
$40+ - All Piercings (except Industrial/Genitals) + Tattoo Deposits
$60 - Shop Minimum for Tattoos (everyday except Tuesdays)
$85+ - Any Piercing
Have a different amount in mind? Stop by the shop or send us a message! You can also view our piercing prices here

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