Jaime Craig

Jaime is a dedicated tattoo artist. She has been studying art since grade school, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Nebraska at Omaha. Jaime’s main focus in art has always been illustrative, graphic design and drawings. This style is reflected in many of the tattoos that she creates.

Nicole Roberts

Nicole has been in the arts since childhood. Art has always been her biggest passion. Along with tattooing she is an oil painter, figurine painter and special effects makeup artist. She has worked with local galleries for several years and has a degree in art and art history from University of Nebraska in Omaha. Her favorite subject matter to tattoo includes anything nerdy, fantastical or Halloween themed. She prefers using bold and bright colors when doing any type of art. She loves the ever-growing tattoo industry and it's ever-changing styles and cannot wait to grow with it.

Kimberly Anderson

Kimberly has been tattooing since 2010, and creating art for a decade before then. She completed her year and a half long apprenticeship while working another job and performing in a live band, and is considered a busy body. She tattooed in Omaha until 2014 when she relocated to Branson, MO for a year before realizing Omaha was the place for her. She has won awards such as "Accelerated Achievement," and "Professional Artistry." Kimberly specializes in bold and brilliant color, intricate linework and cover-ups. She is generally custom only.

Desiree King - Professional Piercer

Rawhide's piercing age guidelines:

Earlobes - Old enough to ask for the piercing themselves, with consent from parent(s)/legal guardians
Cartilage - 14 or older
Specialty Ear Piercings (Industrial/Tragus/Rook & Daith/Conch/Forward Helix) - 16 or older
Nose (Nostril & Septum) - 16 or older
Lip/Eyebrow/Face - 16 or older
Tongue/Oral Piercings - 16 or older
Navel - 16 or older
Microdermals - 18 or older
Nipples - 18 or older
Female Genitals - 18 or older 

Piercings I do NOT do: Cheeks, Male Genitals, "Snake Eyes" (horizontal tip of the tongue piercing).